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Window Tinting

It normally takes owning one’s first car in California to realize what an impact the sun’s rays have on the material condition of the vehicle. If the auto does not have tinted windows, the interior will quickly start to fade and crack in a much quicker timeframe than if living in another state in the U.S. An easy solution to combat the ill effects of the sun is to seek out a quality window tinting service to help protect both the auto and the passengers who ride in the car. If you find yourself in the position of needing a quality car tinting or auto glass replacement service, then you should look no further than Cali Mobile Auto Glass to help take care of your needs. Our team of highly qualified experts has been taking care of our customer’s autos in the Marina del Rey, Venice, and Venice Beach areas of Southern California for 10 years and counting now, and we know how to do auto tint the right way. Since we first opened our doors, our company has believed in delivering a quality service on the first try so that you can rest easy knowing that you will not see any of the common flaws that become evident when choosing the cheapest service provider available on the market. Our company performs:

  • Window Tinting Marina Del Rey
  • Window Tinting Playa Del Rey
  • Window Tinting Venice
  • Window Tinting Venice Beach

Our company is also a big believer in making our customers comfortable. We always provide a 100% warranty on our work, so you do not have to ever worry about having to deal with any streaks or other tinting flaws that could arise months after you enjoy a visit from our mobile service team. You will see during our visit, that our technicians know how to properly prepare your windows to receive the application of tint. We have found that many of our competitors will short-change this aspect of the process that ends up making the entire job look cheap down the road. For a full window tinting service, it will take our team between four and six hours to accomplish the work depending on the extent of window damage that we might need to correct and the total number of windows that you choose to have tinted with our service. If you have any questions regarding our tinting, glass repair, or car window replacement services, please give our staff a call today. We will always be happy to answer your questions, and look forward to serving you today.

(310) 507-9038